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See what our customers are saying about their home remodeling projects and our service.

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The job was completed as described in a timely manner. Well Done!

Willy & Jodi C. January 12, 2017

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I had Buresh Home Solutions replace all the windows and doors in my house as well as some additional related work. Upon meeting Brian Buresh, I knew I could trust him. He’s honest, he believes in the quality of his product, and is committed to providing high quality service. As the project progressed, Brian and his crew discovered extensive rot and damage to my home making the project much more difficult and complicated. I was so glad I had chosen Buresh Home Solutions – I was confident that they would repair it, and repair it well – and they did. I am so happy with the finished product.

Patty S. January 12, 2017

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Awesome from start to finish. Brian explained all of our options well & Dustin was great too. His crew was great & I felt very comfortable having them work on our home.

Angie B. January 12, 2017

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I am so far, very happy with the recent installation of the sliding door we purchased from you. Two for two, gutters and now a door!

You guys really do know how to bring it. But in reality, your contractors are your foot print in the home business during the installation. Kalynn, who installed my door, was simply outstanding, cleaned up his mess, down to the last detail of caulking, to perfection.

Just wanted you to know how pleased we are, and wanted to acknowledge your recent follow up message I received, on my phone. Is and when I
would need something along your line of products there will be no other!
Thanks again

Mike B. January 12, 2017

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The improvement was so great that we even moved our hot-tub under the deck, where we originally had intended to put it.

Bob Kirkpatric January 12, 2017

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Reflective insulation was installed in our home’s attic in June 2010. When we experienced the record-setting hottest, most humid day of the year in July, our attic insulation was definitely put to the test. On similar hot July days, I have noticed a significant difference in the upstairs comfort level temperature. As I climb the stairs, I do not walk into a wall of hot, rather stifling air. Hot air does not blast out of closets when the doors were opened. Nighttime temperatures are quite comfortable.

I cannot compare utility bills yet, but the CA unit seems to be running less often. The combo of the reflective insulation and ceiling fans seems to be quite effective.

I am hoping for a similar significant difference in the upstairs comfort level temperature this winter when we experience the coldest, sub-zero temperatures—another test for the reflective insulation radiant barrier. Hope to write another positive testimonial.

Lana Sorensen January 12, 2017

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Thank you again for the windows, I’m very happy they are in and I can attest to your commitment to earning your business through honesty and straight forwardness. The windows look great inside and outside. My family was very complementary and I will gladly provide a reference to anyone interested in having their windows installed by experienced professionals dedicated to customer service and quality work.

Darla J. January 12, 2017

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Brian was very knowledgeable about the products he represented and his advice on how to proceed was professional. The contract was comprehensive in listing the items of work to be done.

The material was delivered by a third party who was cooperative in how it should be unloaded to be out of the way of the homeowner yet convenient for the installation crew.

The installation crew arrived at the promised time, well organized, and again, concerned to interfere with the homeowner to the least extent possible. Brian visited the jobsite on several occasions to coordinate the work. Very little time was spent running for supplies as almost everything needed was already on-site. I was surprised at the number and variability of specialized fitting required and the fact that all were available. Outside utilities and lights were removed as needed then reinstalled with appropriate trim. The actual installation work was done in a professional manner with good attention to detail. During the installation, the crew made several accommodations that were not required by the contract. At the end of the job Brian and the crew were very interested in customer satisfaction ad a few small details were immediately attended to.

I had not previously had the experience of dealing with contractors and employees who were so dedicated to customer satisfaction. The quality of the product and the installation were totally satisfactory. It was refreshing to pay at the end of the job after having experience with other contractors who required partial payments as items were ordered and as work progressed.

Max & Mary C. January 12, 2017

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Terry and his crew were very courteous and was very careful with the interior of my house while working on the ( ) and replacement of the windows. They did a good cleaning job after the job was finished. I and my wife are really happy with the way the windows look and operate and the finished product overall. Thank you very much for a job well done!

Neil & Patsy E. January 12, 2017

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We talked to several contractors before beginning our work Brian was the most helpful and did not tell us what he would put in but let us choose. We will definitely use you again!!

Kyle C. January 12, 2017