Our Team

Meet our dedicated team that serves central Iowa, the Buresh Home Solutions Family:

Brian Buresh, President

After 13 years in business, Brian still has the same goal in mind, providing the best customer service in exterior remodeling. Brian oversees all the projects within Buresh, but don’t let that fool you, he’s about as down to earth as you can get. He insists on giving his personal number to all his customers, so they can pursue him directly during the length of the project.

Brian obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Loras with degrees in Human Resources and Psychology. This goes to show why he’s passionate about understanding the customer, their needs, and applying that to a successful workforce.

When asked, his favorite part of every day, he said, “Our team, they’re not only a fun group, they really do care about our customer’s experience.”

None of his vision would’ve been possible without the support of his family. Brian is not only a hardworking and dedicated businessman, but he is a loving and dedicated father and husband. So when he’s not working with his customers he’s enjoying his family, likely, on his boat or riding bikes.


Tamara Donnelly, Office Manager

Tamara has been part of the Buresh team for 3 years, she is the heart of the operation and keeps things pumping. From as small as answering phone calls to as large as assisting with sales and production. Her experience doesn’t stop there, with a degree in marketing she’s been able to tackle several areas including leading a sales team, tracking performance, quality assurance and spearheading new motivation techniques to enhance sales performance.

Tamara loves the fast-paced environment at Buresh; whether it be new innovative products or new projects, there is always something new for her to look forward to.

Maintaining the perfect work/life balance, the other thing she looks forward to is her family. Raising two young boys, who race anything from go-karts to 4-wheelers, the majority of their time is spent as mechanics in the garage or racers on the track.

Duane Pufrey

Duane Pufrey, Transportation

Duane is from a small-town Stuart, Iowa & has those small-town values. Duane’s job consists of doing a little bit of everything and putting up with a little bit of everyone so we like to call him grandpa. He is responsible for loading, transporting, and delivering material to the crews in a safe, timely manner. Duane also helps with office duties as needed, running gutter appointment’s to ensuring we have coffee to drink.

Outside of work Duane enjoys spending time with his wife and his two grandkids. His true values are “truth and honestly.”



James Nieman, Tradesman

James Nieman is a Skilled Tradesman at Buresh Home Solutions and is really detail oriented. James performs various task in connection with the building of decking, railing and planning everything from decks, sun rooms, patio covers and entire 3 season rooms.

The most inspiring part of James job is seeing a beautiful completed project knowing he took a lot of pride in and admiring the little details.

The coolest thing he’s worked on is building a house over a ravine with a creek. A “Bridge House.”

James enjoys being a father and a dog owner of his Australian shepherd name Bear.

Daniel Abresch

Daniel Abresch, General Labor

Daniel Abresch role at Buresh Home Solutions is a General labor worker with an agreeable disposition and a stellar customer service ethic. Daniels job duties of a general labor vary, they may include everything from cleaning and preparing a job site. To building a full deck or louvered roof patio cover. He is also very good at keeping us entertained with his silly jokes.

The best part of Daniel’s job is getting to see a project through from beginning to the end.

Daniel is passionate about working, working out, good beer, family time, chocolate and his cat.

Best 3 words that describe Daniel are:

  1. Hard working
  2. Creative
  3. Goofy



Enes Hosic, Carpenter

Enes Hosic is a carpenter at Buresh Home Solutions, as a carpenter Enes is responsible for accurately reading project plans, specification, knowledge of decking process from material selection, techniques, tools and equipment to quality assurance.

The most inspiring part of being a Buresh team member for Enes is seeing our customers appreciate his hard work and craftsmanship.

Enes is a single father of 2, outside of work he enjoys being a father, coach and a friend. He is passionate about sports. Most people don’t know that he has a special talent of playing the guitar and drums.

The best piece of advice Enes has been given is “Stay true to yourself and not the life other expect”


Jason Smothers, Crew Supervisor

Jason Smothers is our Crew Supervisor at Buresh Home Solutions. As a supervisor Jason is responsible for setting goals for performance and deadlines in ways that comply with Buresh plans and visions. Organizing workflow and ensuring our crews understand their duties or delegated tasks. Daily communication with customers to ensure satisfaction.

Jason is a husband and father of 2, a typical day for Jason is going to work, take his kids to sport events, hang out, go to bed and do it all over again. His favorite hobby is playing pool and has a hidden talent of being good on ATV’s.

A piece of advice Jason would give a candidate who wants to join the team is “show up to work, put in 8 hours of hard work and be ready to do it all again the next day.”

Best 3 words that describe Jason are:

  1. Bad to the bone
  2. Handworker
  3. Family Man