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Customer Project Package

Our goal is to make this process as hassle free as possible please let us know if we can do anything else to make this process easier for you.

This is designed to offer you pointers and additional information to help make your project go smoother.

Please take a few minutes to review and call us or email if you have any questions. Here are our project management commitments we will make to you:

  • Prior to Project Start:
    • The dumpster and materials will be placed at your home only after we confirm the placement area with you.
    • We will communicate schedules and project plans in a timely manner.
    • You will be given the Crew Lead’s phone number to make sure you have access to them for questions or concerns if need be.
  • During Project:
    • At the end of every day you will return to a clean work area.
    • We will do our absolute best to protect your property during the project. We utilize tarps, plastic and shoe covers.
    • You and the crew will walk through the job to ensure all parties are on the same page.
    • Our crews will be proactive in offering the you different options that may arise as the work is performed.
    • The salesman will be in contact often to ensure the project is moving forward as intended.
    • You will receive follow-up calls from our office to ensure no issues have emerged.
  • Job Completion:
    • Upon job completion a walk through will be done with you and the Crew Lead.
      (Depending on all of the services we are providing a partial walk through and payment might be done. For example the siding crew is completed, but our gutter crew is a few days behind.)
    • Our Crews thoroughly clean all tools and debris from job-site before leaving.
    • All necessary paperwork for homeowners, including: warranty info, completion certificated, customer feedback etc. will be completed in a timely fashion.
    • Payment in full is due upon completion and a final amount will be given on the final invoice.
      (Please make checks payable to: Buresh Home Solutions Inc. and give to Crew Leader. For multiple service jobs partial payments for completed services will be obtained.)
    • We will respond to all repair calls within 48 hours or sooner depending on the extent of the repair.
    • If a dumpster was used on your job it will be removed within 48 hours of completion. It’s possible to take longer depending on their schedule.
    • Any extra material will be picked up within 48 hours.
    • We will call you 30 days after the project is completed to ensure we delivered as promised.

CALL IMMEDIATELY IF ANYTHING NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED – Seriously we want you to be extremely happy! We aren’t always perfect, though it is our goal. If something does come up we will get it handled properly and as hassle free as possible.

Tips for You

  • Write down any questions that have come up since we last spoke, and we can address them before work begins.
  • If there is an object or plant that could be of concern while we’re working, please let us know, so we can take proactive measures to protect it.
  • If there is any debris left that we missed, we will return to pick it up.
  • We may need access to electrical outlets in the home if none are outside
  • If in the course of our work we need to remove your satellite dish you may need to contact your service provider to re-install or re-calibrate your system.
  • If you have pets that will be of concern, please let us know any special instructions in advance. Often work requires us to go in and out of your home, we would not want any pets at risk to escape.
  • Siding Only:
    • Remove all pictures or valuables from interior or outside walls before the crew begins work.
    • In very rare cases because of the work we are doing you will have some nails pop from the drywall in the interior. As you may know, in new construction all siding and roofing are installed before the drywall, this is because the process of siding or roofing puts pressure on the framing which can push drywall fasteners. If this happens we can get it fixed and will make sure it is completed in a timely manner for a very fair cost.
    • If your hose reel is hooked to the house you may want to purchase ground boxes for them because they can damage the siding over time.
    • If you have items (new lights, house numbers, etc.) that you want installed, have them ready on the first day and we will install them for no additional charge.
  • Doors Only:
    • If you have a Pella Entry door installed the weather stripping has a five redundancy system, so you will often see one loosen shortly after installation, just remove it and discard.
  • Windows Only:

All Services We Provide

Buresh Home Solutions has been serving customers since January 2003 in the metro area. Our team has been committed to earning our customers business and keeping it by providing additional services when appropriate. We only add services when we know they will provide additional benefits to the customers we have already satisfied. Below you will find all the services we provide:








3 Season Rooms





Brian Buresh is committed to your satisfaction throughout the project and that is why we want you to have his cell phone number (515) 210-6685.  Call anytime you need to and he will be glad to help in any way he can.

Thanks again for choosing Buresh Home Solutions Inc. and all of us are looking forward to exceeding your expectations!! – Brian Buresh | Owner