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LP®️ SmartSide®️ Protects great homes and great reputations

LP SmartSide: The Next Generation of Siding
LP® SmartSide® products are engineered using advanced siding technology that includes the proprietary SmartGuard® process. Each manufacturing step is designed to create durable siding that will perform beautifully for decades. SmartGuard uses zinc borate to resist termites and fungal decay. This treatment is applied throughout the substrate of all products, which are then factory primed to add yet another level of protection against moisture.

LP SmartSide Siding

Tested to withstand the worst
Since 1996, LP SmartSide strand substrate siding has undergone brutal testing in Hilo, Hawaii. An average temperature of more than 70 degrees, high levels of humidity and almost 170 inches of annual rainfall make Hilo’s climate the perfect breeding ground for wood’s worst enemies – termites, moisture and fungal decay. After 15 years of exposure in the toughest of conditions, SmartSide is still standing strong.

Protecting your reputation
To test resistance to moisture and fungal decay, we expose siding samples on 45-degree angled walls, which triples the exposure rate and helps show how LP SmartSide siding performs over the long term. We’ve been testing strand substrate siding for over 15 years and the SmartSide performance continues to demonstrate its superior engineering.

Tackling Termites
To put LP SmartSide strand substrate siding products to the ultimate test, we regularly expose samples to Formosan termites, widely recognized as one of the world’s most destructive pests. Each sample is placed on a plastic grid, surrounded by untreated bait samples, then laid directly on top of termite colonies. Even after 3 years, the LP SmartSide siding shows no structural damage, while the bait samples were completely destroyed within three months.

  • SmartGuard® Waxes, a water resistant wax coating to withstand moisture.
  • SmartGuard® Advanced Binders, that offer incredible strength to withstand thrown objects
  • SmartGuard® Resin-Saturated Overlay, resisting moistures and provides durable base for quality paint adhesion.
  • SmartGuard® Zinc Borate treated engineered wood to resist termites and fungal decay.
  • Warmth, texture and beauty of real wood.
  • Cuts with standard woodworking tools
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Long planks for fewer seams
  • Prorated 50-year Limited Warranty
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