Gorell Windows & Doors came out with a new product line, the R-Comfort, it is a reflective insulation for buildings. This new insulation product will be great for our cold Iowa winters and our hot Iowa summers. Making your home more comfortable, while also reducing home energy consumption and costs.

The new line includes:
R-Comfort Attic Wrap, Rafter Wrap, House Wrap and Water Heater Wrap.

Best yet, if you are like us, and environmentally conscious, these are the right products for you, they are safe for the environment and qualify for both an ENERGY STAR rating and the $1,500 federal tax credit program. They are a perfect fit with Gorell’s green, highly energy-efficient windows and patio doors.

R-Comfort products are manufactured for Gorell by Environmentally Safe Products, Inc. and are available through Gorell’s exclusive network of window and home-improvement dealers.

Interesting fact: R-Comfort reflective insulating products are by-products of the U.S. space program; the material used for space suits was developed to reflect body heat inward and the sun’s heat outward.

Made completely of nontoxic, hypoallergenic materials, all R-Comfort insulating products feature a pure aluminum facing that’s flame-laminated to an impermeable closed-cell polyethylene material. They are designed to be installed over attic joists and rafters and around the exterior walls of homes before siding is applied. These products are safe and easy to install. They are so flexible that they seal around fasteners tightly to create an effective vapor barrier.

So if you’re looking for an insulation product for your home, that is green and energy efficient, stop by our local Des Moines office located in Clive where we can help you with installation.