Iowa Pergola Design & Installation

Add depth and character to your patio or deck.
Pergola - Des Moines, Iowa
Pergola - Des Moines, Iowa
Pergola - Des Moines, Iowa

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A pergola is a framed structure outdoor. Pergolas were traditionally used in gardens, providing plants room to climb and grow. Now, pergolas have gained wide popularity as a patio cover. Pergolas do not protect or shield one from rain, however, it does provide shade and a beautiful aesthetic to your home.

If well built and properly cared for, pergolas can last a lifetime.

Pergola - Des Moines, Iowa

Benefits of a Pergola

1. Enhance your garden

With your green thumb, give your plants room to grow up and out. Sit back and watch the wildlife to flourish around you.

2. Protection from the Sun

The sun can be harsh, a pergola will allow just the right amount of sun and shade.

3. Privacy

Do your neighbors have unsightly views that need blocking out? A pergola and some plants might just be the answer.

4. Add Value

Added interest in your back yard never hurts when it’s time to sell. Create an enticing outdoor space for the next homeowners at a lower cost than most patio covers.