Remote Controlled Patio Cover

The Louvered Roof is one of our leading products in patio and deck covers.


  • Our Louvers, Rafters, Louvered Brackets and complete mounting systems are all 100% Extruded Aluminum
  • Extruded Aluminum Louvers are approximately 500% stronger
  • Can handle hail and mother nature without damage
  • Our entire roof is Electrostatically Powdercoated

Master Dealer

  • Buresh is a Master Dealer of ALR (American Louvered Roof). This means we can customize the design you want to fit your home patio & deck needs.


  • Lowers patio & deck temperatures by 15-20 degrees
  • Controls the amount of sun or shade
  • Removes glare from windows & sliding doors
  • Savings on utilities 15-30%
  • Prevents sun-fading on interior furniture & carpets
  • Protects outdoor furniture
  • Standard motorization
  • Protects windows & doors
  • Easy fan & lighting installation
  • Increase property value
  • 98% waterproof

Our Louvered Patio and Deck Cover… is by far the #1 choice for our customers!

Each and every one of our louvered roof systems are fully customized and installed for each project. Each system is made in Louisville, KY and industry recognized as one of the United States premier aluminum extrusion, fabrication and finishing companies. Made out of 100% (even the parts) & finished with electrostatic powder coating. This system is geared to handle the high winds and heavy snow loads in Iowa.

Louvered Roof Systems can be opened with the touch of a button – you are in control! Shut the louvers during a spring rain or open them for some fresh air. Our system is easily accessorized to meet your needs. Ceiling fans, patio heaters or solar panels – we have you covered!! Whether you want to match to look of your home or you have a unique look in mind. We have options for you!

Louvered Roof

What is a louvered roof?

Louver is defined as a set of angled strips fixed or hung at regular intervals. A louvered roof is a patio covering that is similar to a pergola in that it provides shade, while still allowing light to pass through. However, there is something a pergola can’t do: It can’t close when it’s raining.

Enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.

The louvered roofs that we sell are mechanical, allowing the homeowner to open and close the louvers as they see fit. When closed, the louvers don’t allow any rain or sunlight to pass through. This gives you the best of both worlds in a patio and deck covering.

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  • 2’ overhang can be cut at a curved or angled edge to match your preferred design.
  • A Guttered option is available with an 1” overhang and a seamless gutter can be attached to the bottom of the rafter, sloped, and down spouted at the end.
Louvered Roof - Des Moines, Iowa
  • A standard rain gutter option can be put on the rafter at the end of the sloping louvers that only overhang 1” to catch the water if desired
  • A Fascia Style Gutter option to achieve the box look. On an attached cover it is a 3 sided fascia gutter and on a free standing cover it is a 4 sided fascia gutter.
  • The louvers will overhang the rafter 1” instead of 2’ like on the Pergola Style Louvered Roof making it necessary in some cases to order and extra rafter for support.
  • 90 degree prefabricated corners come with the system.

Louver Parts

Louver Parts

The Louver

It provides the shade for a patio cover. It is also the adjustable portion of the patio cover, made from extruded aluminum and is extremely strong and durable.

Rafter parts

The Rafter

A rafter is what holds a louver in place and controls the movement of the louvers. Within the rafter is a separate hollow channel that can be used for running cables and wiring, as well as areas for future customization such as speakers or LED lighting.

Aluminum Beam

The Aluminum Beam

Designed specifically for use with our louvered roofs and aluminum post, these beams are easily cut for any type of customization.

Louver Roof Accessories

Fascia on Louver Roof

Fascia on Louver Roof

Louvered Roof Fan

Louvered Roof

Louvered Roof Gutter System

Louvered Roof Gutter

Louvered Roof Lighting

Louvered Roof Lighting

Louvered Roof Screens

Louvered Roof Screens

Louvered Roof Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Our Other Patio and Deck Roof Systems

Although the Louvered Roof is our customer favorite in patio and deck covers, it’s only one of our many options!

Enclosed roof
Enclosed Roof