Pet Door

Pet Door Conversion System

Pet Door

How It Works

The Patio Pet Door insert is a complete system. It replaces the glass in the sliding door panel of your patio door. Its unique mounting system is built to the existing glass unit size and requires no special fasteners. It’s that easy!

Pet Door Installation


The Patio Pet Door conversion system measures and installs like a normal glass replacement. Installation takes as little as 30 minutes. It provides through glass pet access in your vinyl sliding patio doors. It comes fully assembled and our expert installer will make sure you get a great result.

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Your Patio Pet Door insert will allow your patio door to slide, function and lock as originally designed. Existing alarm systems or secondary locks will work without modification. The pet opening features a solid security panel. It is both secure and easy to use.

Pet Door Installation

Size and Colors

The Patio Pet Door insert is maintenance free and requires no painting. The door is a fusion welded vinyl frame that comes in white, light tan and dark tan. The Patio Pet Door insert is custom built to fit your patio door. Like you, we are pet lovers too. Every Patio Pet Door insert is built with your pet in mind. We offer pet opening sizes for small, medium, large, and extra large pets.