Hello, Brian Buresh from Buresh Home Solutions.

Today in this video, I am going to discuss some siding options. When we meet with prospective siding buyers, we always ask a few questions to start off and find out what they’re looking for and what their basic needs are. We’ll ask, ‘Are you looking for maintenance free, do you want the natural look of wood?’ Some people just don’t like the look of vinyl, so they lean towards some of the products that are going to look more like a wood product. So that’s kind of the first part in our consultation with a prospective customer.

Once we find out what they were truly looking for, we’ll do a measure of the house, we’ll write down all the little details of the small things that are going to happen during the project, and then we will set up a second appointment, traditionally, with our potential customers and we will bring them in to our showroom in Clive, Iowa, that’s where I’m at today. In the showroom, we kind of have it segmented, where we have the paintable products in the front section of the showroom and then we have our more maintenance free products in the back section.

What we’ll do then, is we’ll have a variety of price points, we’ll talk about the benefits of each individual product, some of the downfalls and what we’ve seen in the market place of those same potential products with the ultimate goal of finding the product that’s correct for our customer. So we have the hardy plank fiber cement, we have the smart side siding, we have the traditional four inch vinyl siding, we have the insulated vinyl siding, we have steel siding, we have a product called Everlast, which is pretty exclusive to a few contractors that is available as well. So, all of those are here and our goal is to find out what’s best for you.

So if you’re considering siding, stop by our showroom at 9379 Swanson Boulevard in Clive take a look at all the different options we do have available for you, or visit our webpage at www.BureshHomeSolutions.com.

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