Buresh Home Solutions, Inc a Des Moines siding installer of Everlast Polymeric siding is pleased to announce the completion of its first two installs of Everlast Siding. The looks of those completed projects speak for themselves and deliver upon the promise of the natural look of wood without the maintenance associated with other products that need to be painted. We have a lot of people who come into our showroom looking Des Moines siding installation and particularly fiber cement siding or vinyl and now we can offer the best of both in one leading product

After seven years of development by Chelsea Building products in Oakmount, PA. Everlast was introduced to some United States markets and has been slowing rolled out in new markets over the last few years. It is the leader in the next generation category of siding products.  Norandex Building Materials distribution, the sole distributor introduced the product this last summer to Des Moines and Central Iowa.

Everlast is a composite siding that offers the distinctive look of natural cut cedar, but with the low maintenance costs common to vinyl and durability rivaling fiber cement. And, unlike fiber cement, Everlast contains no wood fibers in its formulation which can lead to moisture absorption. Everlast Polymeric Cladding (www.everlastsiding.com) is low maintenance, doesn’t swell and never needs painting. And, because it’s made of natural polymers and inorganic minerals, it’s 100 percent recyclable.

Key Attributes:

  • “Cedar Touch” natural wood grain embossing
  • Warm, low-gloss finish
  • 10 Deep rich colors
  • Finished with “ColorHold” for fade protection
  • Superior Wind and Impact Resistance
  • Truly low maintenance – just a garden hose
  • Lifetime Performance and Fade warranty

Visit www.bureshhomesolutions.com/everlastsiding for some great resources and also look for the link to the Siding Comparison Guide. I developed our siding comparison guide to help home owners educate themselves on the variety of siding products out there and hopefully help them make the best possible choice for the re-siding of their homes. Residing a home is a major project and requires a home owner to consider a variety of factors including aesthetics, maintenance, life cost, warranties and of course budget. This guide can be a great starting point in finding the best product and also has sections in it to help you select the best siding installer. This guide is absolutely free and there is no obligation at all. The guide compares steel, vinyl, wood, fiber cement and Everlast in some key areas to show the differences between the most popular siding choices.

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