Here are few other things other than price a home owner should use to help compare the different contractors they are considering for improving their homes.

Below you will find some general pointers for all types of home improvement from siding and window replacement to a sunroom addition.

State Websites- Check for licensing, worker’s compensation and learn more about why these things are important.

BBB – Better Business Bureau – Check their ratings and current status.

Certificate of Insurance – Get a hard copy of the contractor’s insurance it may be beneficial for you to be listed as the certificate holder in some states.

Check References – Call past customers to get an idea of how the company has performed in the past.

Building Permits – Make sure the contactor pulls the permit when required if they ask you to that may be a red flag right away.

Lien Waivers – After completion a reputable contractor will have no issue with providing lean waivers to protect you from later hassles.

For exterior projects including siding, roofing and window replacement you should also look at the following items.

Installation – Now I know everyone wants to believe the contractor is the professional and if hired they will install the product correctly and all of them will ensure you of that fact. Well I had lost some jobs to what I guess I need to call competitors and we drove by and looked at 10 siding jobs an d I couldn’t believe that 8 of the 10 had major violations of the installation instructions. This is significant because almost all siding specifically states that improper installation voids warranty. Just take a little time and review the installation instructions to protect yourself. One example I consistent hear is that fiber cement requires no maintenance (It’s not true, but I have potential customers tell me they want maintenance free cement siding). If they took the time they would quacking learn that proper maintenance including repair caulking and painting is necessary to maintain warranty.

Warranties – Siding, Roofing and Windowscarry a variety of warranties and our industry is full of “slick or great” sales people depending on your point of view who over sell warranty information. Take the time to read so you won’t be like the customer who thought they had a Lifetime warranty on glass seal failure, only to find out that when it started to happen 5 years after installation she learn it was pro-rated and she now has to pay 60% of the cost to get replacement sashes.