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After 13 years in business, Brian still has the same goal in mind, providing the best customer service in exterior remodeling. Brian oversees all the projects within Buresh, but don’t let that fool you, he’s about as down to earth as you can get. He insists on giving his personal number to all his customers, so they can pursue him directly during the length of the project.

Brian obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Loras with degrees in Human Resources and Psychology. This goes to show why he’s passionate about understanding the customer, their needs, and applying that to a successful workforce.

When asked, his favorite part of every day, he said, “Our team, they’re not only a fun group, they really do care about our customer’s experience.”

None of his vision would’ve been possible without the support of his family. Brian is not only a hardworking and dedicated businessman, but he is a loving and dedicated father and husband. So when he’s not working with his customers he’s enjoying his family, likely, on his boat or riding bikes.

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