When choosing a contractor to replace your windows or install new siding on your home, it may be beneficial to choose the installing contractor who explained the process best during the sales process.  There will be many questions that will arise during the time between when you hired the contractor and the crews show up. There are many things that can be communicated or done that will help the upcoming siding replacement or window install be more hassle free for you.

During the last nearly nine years we have been replacing siding and/or windows in the greater Des Moines area I have experienced almost anything that could happen and have changed our processes to be more proactive rather than reactive, which we hope helps our customer’s to be more comfortable with the process.

Below you will find some ideas from my experience and the job hints information we send to our customers when they give us the go ahead to perform the work.

For window replacements there are a few keys areas to consider. Where will windows be stored while project is being completed? Who is responsible for the reinstallation of all windows treatments? (Tip: If you have very expensive or extremely custom blinds it may be beneficial to have a window treatment professional due this and let the window replacement professional install the windows.) Who removes the stickers? Do the installers clean the windows? Who is responsible for the preparation of works areas (ie: moving furniture etc.)? Make sure to ask for warranty information and a demonstration on operation before final payment is made (Most good installing contractors will already have a plan for this in place).

For siding replacement things are a little different, but a lot of the same things will also apply including location of material. Where will the dumpster be located? (This is for windows as well if one is going to be on-site) Take things down that are hung on outside walls to prevent accidental damage from things falling off the walls. How about landscaping do some things need to be cut back or moved and who will be responsible for it.

For both you should also know how payment will be handled before your final selection of the best remodeling contractor.