When giving your existing home a facelift, you know the importance of curb appeal. And while the look of wood is still very popular among homeowners, the continual maintenance required with fiber cement or wood siding often forces homeowners to choose between a natural wood look or something that requires less maintenance.

“Wood siding rots, can cause mold, and it needs to be repainted or stained on a regular basis,” points out Michelle Cook, Branch Manager of Norandex Building Materials Distribution, a siding, windows and roofing supplier in Des Moines.

Unfortunately, Central Iowa homeowners seeking the distinct, classic style of wood siding that is environmentally safe and requires little to no maintenance had few options.  At least until now.

Earlier this year, Norandex introduced a new polymeric siding, Everlast, to the Central Iowa market. Made with all natural polymers and inorganic minerals, Everlast is a composite siding that offers the distinctive look of natural cut cedar, but with the low maintenance costs common to vinyl and durability rivaling fiber cement.

“Everlast siding provides the look and feel of cedar siding, but doesn’t retain moisture or rot,” says Cook.

Everlast Polymeric Cladding (www.everlastsiding.com) is low maintenance, doesn’t swell, and never needs painting. And, because it’s made of natural polymers and inorganic minerals, it’s 100 percent recyclable, yet durable enough to withstand strong wind and scorching temperatures.

But, Cook cautions, even the highest quality products need to be installed properly. “Make sure you use professional siding installers who have been chosen to represent the product.”

“We have been installing a variety of different types of siding for over eight years,” says Brian Buresh, president ofBuresh Home Solutions, Inc in Clive. “Over time we were consistently hearing the same things from people who visited our showroom. They want the natural look of wood with low maintenance benefits of vinyl. When we were introduced to Everlast, I knew immediately that we had a product that provides the best of fiber cement and vinyl.”

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