Locating the original source of a leak on your roofing in Des Moines IA can be quite tricky because water can enter the roof from a certain place and run down to another part. Depending on the weight and extent of damage, it may take time before the leaking starts soaking your ceiling. The goal is to spot the leak before your entire roof fails.

The effect of leakage is extensive. It wouldn’t just make your roof look bad, but it can pose as a serious threat to your entire structure—inside and out. The worst part is that any roof work can be costly. So check with your local contractor like us here at Buresh Home Solutions to help you detect a leak problem early.

Structural Deterioration
Deterioration of your structure is the most obvious consequence of a leaking roof. Your rafters, fascia boards, ceiling joists, and wall framing can be targets of water penetration. If you happen to be using wood, it can fail, weaken, and rot—which is very unsafe for your home. Compromised structural integrity can face pricey woodwork. A replacement may even be needed.

Water and Shock Hazards
Water from leakage that comes in contact with electrical wires may create a short circuit that could lead to fire risks. It doesn’t just end there. Once water seeps around metal junction boxes with uncovered wires, it can become electrically charged, and anyone who steps into the water might be in for a shock. In order to prevent this, make sure you have your roof inspected regularly for leaks and other issues. If you suspect leaking, take the initiative to shut off the power to any circuits and have an electrician come over to investigate.

Wasted Energy
If you notice that your energy bill unjustifiably increases, it’s possible that your home is not as efficient as it once was. Part of the problem could be coming from your roof. Repair and replacement jobs should always be on your priority list, or else your energy consumption and bill will blow up in no time.

Take any issue seriously. Have your roof checked only by the professionals to ensure quality and competence. Here at Buresh Home Solutions, we specialize in roofing services but also offer a range of home improvement services for your siding, windows, doors, and decking in Des Moines IA. Just give us a call today at (515) 274-2957 and our professional team will be happy to help.