Winter’s here and homeowners will surely feel the upsurge in their heating bills. There are many ways to conserve energy and save money this winter: by using ENERGY STAR®-compliant appliances, by keeping your heater well maintained to make it more efficient, and by closing off unused rooms, among other things. But even if you do all these, if warm air leaks from your home (and cold air seeps in) or if your home is not well insulated, all of your other energy-saving efforts will just be useless.

Sealing in your home as well as adding insulation can actually go a long way in making sure that your family is comfortable without overworking your heater. A number of components of your house play an important part in sealing and insulating your home, so it’s best to check these regularly. If your windows, for instance, are not well insulated, the cold from outside makes your heaters work even harder to keep your home warm, and this would mean high utility bills.

Likewise, if the windows are more than a decade old or have just a single pane of glass in the frames, they could be costing you a great deal of money every month. In fact, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, 30% or more of your home’s energy is lost through inefficient windows. This is because the energy in your home (warm air in winter, cool air in summer) quickly escapes through the inefficient windows, costing you both money and comfort.

So to ensure that your home is well insulated before the winter hits, you might have to consider replacing your old windows with newer and more energy-efficient ones. Buresh Home Solutions, trusted for window replacement and doors in Des Moines IA, is just a phone call away.

We understand the importance of windows in a home’s energy efficiency. That is why we offer high-quality windows that are not just stylish but are specifically engineered to provide outstanding energy performance. With the high-strength, low-conductivity frames, our windows are weathertight, keeping the warm air locked inside your home and the cold air outside during winter (and vice-versa during summer). Furthermore, our windows virtually eliminate heat transfer by using panes of low-e glass that’s made with a specially formulated inert gas mixture.

So if you want make your home better-suited for the winter, it’s not too late to get replacement windows in Des Moines IA. Just call us at Buresh Home Solutions to request a quote on any home-improvement project, including roofs, siding, gutters, decks, insulation, and painting.