The holidays are over, football is over, and it’s still really freaking cold outside in Iowa—minus last weekend’s fluke 60 degree weather. Here are some tips to keep busy and make you feel so good, because they’re done!

#1. Let there be light!

Don’t stay in the dark during winter. Not only is it depressing it’s also keeping your house colder. Open them blinds, clean off your windows and let that bright sun warm up you house. Light up your evenings with candles, light decor and even a fire. These tips will brighten your day, literally. 

#2. Clean out the cupboards and pantry.

I’m sure you made some new years resolution about being healthier, as we all do. Get rid of those cookies and organize your kitchen that will promote a healthy lifestyle. 

#3. Throw out those old clothes.

Have you found that there are some clothes you haven’t yet warn this winter. It’s time to cut ties and hand them off to those who need warm winter clothes. Not only will this free up room from all your christmas gifts, you’re also doing a really awesome thing for someone in need.

#4. How is your home office looking?

Do you have papers stacked up that you’ve been meaning to go through? Then do it! Don’t save it for a summer day. Don’t forget your other “desktop” that may need attention too. Go through all your documents, physical or digital and give them a permanent organized home.

#5. Create a super cool hangout for the kids.

If the kids aren’t happy, you’re not happy. If the weather is bad and cold, and the kids are home, they need space to play. Create a craft or game area, this will pay off big so you can mark all these items off your list. 

#6. Pack up the holidays.

You can take this time to put away all your holiday decorations. Depending on the person, this can be a sad experience, or a relieving experience. Either way, make sure you replace those items with a mix of light and warm colors to fill the void of their absence. 

#7. Check you exterior perimeter of your home.

Save yourself a couple hundred or thousand dollars by regularly checking your shingles, siding and gutters during the winter. Ice and snow is unforgiving in Iowa. Insure you get rid of any ice on your home, and keep your driveway and pathways clear to prevent cracks. And here’s our plug: We can help with any exterior solution, just contact us.

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