Our newest service for Central Iowa home owners is Reflective Insulation and exclusively from Buresh Home Solutions. Over the last few months we have successfully installed Reflective Insulation in dozens of homes and have now had the opportunity to hear about the results and let’s just say it has been great.

Here is one example of what we are hearing:

“Reflective insulation was installed in our home’s attic in June 2010. When we experienced the record-setting hottest, most humid day of the year in July, the reflective insulation was definitely put to the test. On similar hot July days, I have noticed a significant difference in the upstairs comfort level temperature. As I climb the stairs, I do not walk into a wall of hot, rather stifling air. Hot air does not blast out of closets when the doors were opened.

Nighttime temperatures are quite comfortable. I cannot compare utility bills yet, but the CA unit seems to be running less often. The combo of the reflective insulation and ceiling fans seems to be quite effective.

I am hoping for a similar significant difference in the upstairs comfort level temperature this winter when we experience the coldest, sub-zero temperatures—another test for reflective insulation. Hope to write another positive testimonial.” – Lana Sorensen | Urbandale, Iowa

Three years ago when I was introduced to radiant barriers I was, to say the least a little bit skeptical. I then began researching the market and talking to people who have had competing products installed to see what their thoughts were about the products. There again seemed to be positive feedback overall with the lone consistent exception being the quoted energy savings by the sales person being higher than received. But overall the comfort level of their homes did improve.

Now I truly believe that installing Reflective Insulation (which combines a Radiant Barrier with Insulation) is the best dollar for dollar home improvement that can be done. It will lower energy cost, qualifies for the 30% tax Credits and we guarantee a 48 month payback for qualifying homes.

Brian Buresh