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Eze-Breeze Screen Enclosures

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Eze-Breeze Windows for 3-season enclosed rooms.

The easiest and the best solution for enclosing patios, porches or decks. Eze-Breeze fills the gap between 3 & 4-season rooms.
There are four sliding vents that nest up or down over the attached screen. When completely open there is a 75% screen. If the vents are removed there is 100% screen, and if closed is 100% protection from wind, water, and weather.


Vertical four-track panels for Eze-breeze sun room enclosures

Vertical Four-Track Panels

Custom-made to fit almost any space, with clean lines that complement and home style. There are lightweight glazed panels that can be raised or lowered effortlessly to open up three-quarters of window area to allow breeze, or easily removed and stored for the season.

side slider panels for Eze-Breeze sun room enclosures

Side Slider Panels

These full-length panels move back and forth at the touch of a finger. The have corrosion-free nylon rollers that will latch into place to prevent unwanted movement. This design allows for complete open-air expanding your interior to your exterior.

Fixed custom windows for eze-breeze sun room enclosures

Fixed & Custom Windows

Fixed windows are for areas that don’t need movement but add to the complete aesthetic of the other Eze-Breeze windows. Perfect for gables, or any other hard to reach areas.

Garage door screens for Eze-breeze sun room enclosures

Garage Door Screens

Want to get creative with your garage and utilize it as more living space rather than car space. These garage door systems can turn your boring vehicle home, to a fun new room that allows the breeze and sun to enter without annoying pests and bugs.

Cabana Door for Eze-Breeze Sun enclosure

Cabana Door

A hinged door with vinyl panes that are ideal for a porch, garage or pool. There are single and double door options available, with fixed or single hung window styles.

Replacement Parts for Eze-Breeze Windows

Replacement Parts

The vinyl glazing is lighter weight and more affordable than glass. If accidentally distorted, it will return to original shape in minutes.