WeatherWell Aluminum Shutters

Strength with beauty and versatility is what you get when having Weatherwell Aluminum shutters. Aluminum shutters have been a commercial and architectural favorite around the world. Your living space has been expanded into all seasons.


Privacy  |  Enclosed outdoor spaces  |  Enhance architectural detailed design  |  Extra security with lockable panels and secure blades  |  Strength to endure harsh elements  |  Flexible installation possibilities

Weatherwell Shutters Installer - Des Moines, Iowa metro

Offered in Weatherwell and Weatherwell Elite:

Weatherwell Elite

The Weatherwell Collection combines strength and durability with style, offering an ingenious solution for high traffic, commercial or wet areas. Available in a vast range of powder coat colors and wood grain looks, this inexpensive aluminum shutter compliments a myriad of indoor and outdoor spaces and mimics a wood shutter. This unique product is available in multiple blade sizes, that can fixed or moving, and optional security locks.

Weatherwell Elite combines first-class engineering with an intriguing design, for uses such: enclosing a patio or balcony, or security screens. These versatile shutters are stronger and more durable than any other shutter on the market. The ‘Blade Stay’ is standard and set the blades in any position. The internal mechanism hides all visible screws and fixings, making the shutter attractive and resilient to the elements. Extreme wind ratings and security features make this shutter the ultimate in functionality.



Multi-Fold Shutters - Des Moines, Iowa metro

Multi-Fold Shutters

These are folding door shutters  that allow you to open your indoors to your outdoors without and obstructed view.

Sliding Shutters -- Des Moines, Iowa metro

Sliding Shutters

These are great for balconies or smaller enclosed spaces where you like privacy, but can still open up the view.

Fixed shutters - Des Moines, Iowa metro

Fixed Shutters

When shutters don’t need to be removed and become a permanent fixture of your windows. Fixed window shutters create a beautiful aesthetic in the design of your home.

Hinged Shutters

A similar look to Fixed shutters but with the capability of movement.


COLORS: White, Pearl, Silver, Black
TIMBER GRAIN POWDER-COAT: Golden Oak, Light Cedar, Lime-wash, Walnut
SIZES: 2.5 Inches, 3.5 Inches, 4.5 Inches
SECURITY: Flush Bolt, Security Bolt


COLORS: White, Pearl, Clear-Coat Anodized, Black
TIMBER GRAIN POWDER-COAT: Knotty Pine, Walnut Matte
SIZES: 3.5 Inches
SECURITY: Double Shute Bolte Key, Double Shute Bolt, Blade Stay