Vinyl siding is still the number one choice for exterior cladding materials. Since its introduction in the early 1960’s vinyl siding has continued to take market share from other cladding materials. In fact US Census Bureau statistics show that since 1995 vinyl siding has been installed more than any other cladding material.

Since consumers are living busier lives and have less free time, many are looking for products that require less maintenance, and this is one of the biggest reasons vinyl siding is still the number choice for cladding materials. If you have a soft cloth and garden hose you can easily keep vinyl siding looking good for years. Premium vinyl siding also is very durable with many products certified to withstand excessive winds. Its composition resists environmental factors such as moisture and temperature changes from very hot to very cold.

Vinyl siding also offers a wide array of options to help owners create the look they want on the exterior of their home. The color options for vinyl siding have grown significantly over the last 10 years. The colors combined with the variety of styles from clapboard to shake to vertical and dutchlap a homeowner can create almost any look from historical to contemporary.

There are also many different lengths and thicknesses of vinyl siding. Traditionally vinyl siding came in 12-foot lengths, but now to create a more seamless look, many manufacturers have boards from 16-foot, which on the typical home will have 33% less seams than the 12-foot counterpart. The thicknesses range from 40 mil to 50 mil, depending on the manufacturer.

Most vinyl siding comes with a lifetime warranty regarldess of thickness and length. Most of those warranties cover excessive fading, cracking, and decomposition. Some are pro-rated and some cover labor while others cover material to replace or a prorated money pay back at the discretion of the manufacturer. Many warranties also will transfer to subsequent owners if you sell the house. When looking to purchase vinyl siding for your home make sure to understand the warranty and also remember that most require proper installation for the warranty to be honored. So when deciding on the product, make sure that it is installed by a certified crew that will install to meet the manufacturers specifications.

Installed properly vinyl siding will withstand the test of time and provide home owners with years of low maintenance enjoyment.

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