One of Nation’s Biggest Replacement Contractors; We mad the 550 Remodeling Magazine List.

Buresh Home Solutions is proud to have been included in Remodeling magazine’s Annual List of the Nation’s Biggest Home Improvement Companies for 2013. This is the first year for Buresh to be listed among largest remodeling and home improvement contractors in the country.

“It really is special for us to be recognized by such a highly respected publication,” said Brian Buresh, owner of Buresh Home Solutions. “Of course, we understand that ‘biggest’ doesn’t automatically mean ‘best,’ but our business is built on providing the best products and superior workmanship. I guess you could say we became one of the biggest by always striving to be the best.”

Buresh Home Solutions was listed 145th among “Replacement Contractors,” which Remodeling editors describe as home improvement companies that focus on “replacing mostly exterior home components such as siding or roofing — install smaller jobs but far more of them.”

Asked whether his company will pursue a higher ranking in coming years, Brian Buresh responded “I certainly plan to continue growing the company, but our emphasis will always be on quality. So that’s our growth strategy – provide only best and hope that makes us the biggest.”

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