Hi, Brian Buresh of Buresh Home Solutions.

We’re going to shoot a video here in our showroom today to kind of give you a perspective of what we have available for potential customers to see before they buy products for the exteriors of their homes. About three and a half years ago we opened it, with the idea of showing a variety of products.

Our goal is always been to find the best possible product for our customers, and the showroom helps us do that, because our customers can come in and they can see six to seven different types of siding installed on the walls. They can see wood windows. They can see vinyl windows. They can see full frame installs. They can see inserts. They can operate these things. They can see different types of roofing from steel to asphalt. They can also see different types of decking. We have cedar. We have green-
treated. We have PVC in a variety of colors. And all these things are built.

We also have our new louvered roof system that we are exclusively offering in central Iowa, where they actually, with a remote control, operate it and see exactly what it looks like.

The showroom is about 2,000 square feet and offers people the potential to really see exactly what they are going to do to their home.