View all of our Belgard paver styles. Each are unique from classic to modern, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you.

Aqua Roc™ by Belgard

These brick like pavers not only look great, but they can handle the heaviest vehicular traffic. They are durable, environmentally and economically friendly, and they make your feet happy when you walk on them.

Bergerac® by Belgard

This Cobblestone look appears as if you’re stepping back in time. It has a unique dimpled surface with different color blends in several sizes. This beautiful paver will standout from the crowd.

Cambridge Cobble® by Belgard

Cobblestone tailored to your liking, providing a more finished appearance and softer look. The different sized pavers offers a natural touch that is very appealing to the eyes and feet.

Dublin Cobble® by Belgard

A classically stressed antiqued surface that looks as if it were hand-laid centuries ago. This elegant look is timeless and sophisticated. There are a wide variety of shapes and hues to design the perfect masterpiece.

Eco Dublin® by Belgard

This cut of stone offers a contemporary look and feel, it is one of belgard’s newest additions to their collection. It is excellent for reducing water run-off.

Holland Stone by Belgard

Simplicity is beauty in its self. The holland stone is a great choice for practical uses for both residential and commercial. It’s strong, durable and has great color combinations.

Lafitt™ Rustic Slab by Belgard

This Natural slatE stone look offers three different sizes, giving you limitless ideas for your design.

Mega-Arbel® by Belgard

If you’re looking for a natural stone look, here it is, a Natural Flagstone appearance. Its irregular shape and texture creates a unique outdoor experience.

Mega-Bergerac® by Belgard

This hand-cobbled appearance recalls a time when there was no such thing as a car. Step back in time with this beautiful lasting appearance.

Turfstone™ by Belgard

Are you looking to make a statement? this will do it, this unique mixture of grass and Trufstone pavers are not only aesthetically interesting, it’s also very good for filtering water back into the soil instead of creating run-off.

Urbana® Stone by Belgard

These chiseled impressions offer a vintage versatile appeal.

Depending on what product you like, some products may not be available right now, but our Project Manager will be able to work something out for you.